Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I've Learnt in 2009

Here we go:

1- you never trust those who always smile at your face! A smile is not always an expression of Love.

2- friends differ: some you can count on, some you just have FUN with! .. so whatever! true friends never leave.

3- Work is a very difficult equation: it subtracts good moments from your life (time+health), but adds halos to you (experience+money) .. in other words: Work Sucks, But in a Very Beautiful Way $$$.

4 - Why do you people hate Haifa Wahby? the woman has a Career!

5 - life is a TENNIS match! and chances come and go just like the tennis balls.. so you must learn how to hit HIT hit the balls !

6 - Sandy relationships must be thrown away with a WIND.. you can choose that kind of WIND .

7 - Dreams can come true .. we just have to think of them so often as Dreams.

8- I need to know ! I always need to know ! all kind of knowledge!!! Anything! Everything!

9- a Good Morning is not a good morning if it doesn't start with either Fairouz, or your Smile :-) !

10- It is fear that makes us lose our self-awareness, It's also changing us into cowards.

11- Osama bin Ladin Doesn't Exist !

12- Great people are hard to find.. wherever, whenever you find one, you should pay hard efforts just to keep in touch with them,, because great people are very hard to find.

13- Sweet Cousins are a Bless :-)

14- you can control your feelings. Everyone can control feelings.

15- I usually forget what people say to me, but I cannot just forget how those words make me feel

16- Reading Books is the only difference between a Man and a Donkey !

17- Dance is a hidden language .. not everyone can understand .

18- The first step of failure is : I really Dunno!!

19- I can never ever enjoy the Rainbows if I don't face the rains .. alone.

20- Oh, Dearest! If things were meant to be, they would not be that difficult !

21- Love is Overrated, Overvalued, Overblown!

22- a Man is as sick as his secrets

23- I've learnt to let go .. just letting go.

24- I've learnt the importance of maintaining boundaries and how to put the shields up.

25- the more I get, the more I want, the more I dream, the more I fight. And The more I am grateful.

26- Some people do not get this, but you must get it: Not Everything Is Rotating Around Your Orbit.

27- It wasn't KSA people!!! it was Jubail Industrial City ! that really Differs ! ;-) !

28- Pizza kills.

29- A one should like whatever the Sky brings: Rain, Katta7a, Rainbow, 7ojjar! whatever people!

30- There are lots of assholes. Their stupidity pushes them to be evil. and it will prevent me from answering their nastiness, because there is nothing worse than bitterness and vengeance.

31- it always hard to accept your own mistakes ..

32- As an electrical engineers who knows well Faraday's Law of Induction, I am pleased to announce that it CANNOT be applied on human beings.

33- the phrase: "The rush of emotions can turn the black eyes into blue" is true.

34- you don't have to prove things and take revenge, unless you, yourself, feel insecure.
insecurity = having voids in what you believe in ;-)

35- you do not lose that thing, because you did not have it.

36 - Waiting for someone else to say I llove you before you say, doesn't mean you're more powerful, it means yOu're afraid.

37 - The secret of life is to enjoy what you've while searching for more

38- in life, you can't have it all.. you have to make choices and priorities

39. Leek!! mesh daroori tdallak 3m teshri7 shi le nas me3tbreen 7alon by3refoo!!

40. Some girls just have Holes in their hearts that can only be filled with Trousers!

41. There is a point in life when you realize who matters & who doesnt.. who deserves a hard, hard work from you, just to keep them nearby & who is just wasting your time .. who you MUST gift a Divine Basket of Love, Peace, Kisses and Long-living wishes & who deserves to be shot in the head with Beretta Px4 compact pistol.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What If ..

What If you opened your eyes one day, and found you'd nothing, standing on nothing, grasping the air..

What if your spirit had been blocked and strangled until your dreams flew away..

what if you came across a place full of memory, and you sit nearby it wiping .. then you discovered that you were not part of the memory , you were just something older..

what if you had spent your life sharing your dreams with beloved ones, and suddenly: they left behind..how could you reach those dreams again?

What if you had been told that "what comes around, goes around, and vice verse", so you let them go .. but they never came back ..

What if you could run away, or hid your tears, or stand on your pained feet .. and still smiling pretending you are Great ..

what if you turned your favorite song on, and you danced on it alone, in opposite of your mirror .. then the song ended, and you stopped dancing with action, but there was no hands to clap ..

What if you woke up after dreaming of a splendid great day, and you fell in a hole .. a deep hole ..

What if you have got an old photo, you with your friends: young, charming smiles, holding hands.. but now after many years, you see that all of its member -except you- has died ..

What if you were 30 years old, but feels like who aged 5 years old ..

What if you were in the middle of no where ..

What if you screamed so loudly in the crowd, and you heard only your echo ..

What if you waited for the sunshine, and it never came ..
and what if you were afraid of the dark ?

What if you did not loose Faith or hope after all ..

Friday, June 15, 2007

Long time no new posts?!

yes! I am not in the mode of writing .

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Saturday, January 27, 2007

We Had Enough !

Listen Up:
you, the two groups, should listen to the following carefully.. it's unrepeatable, OK?

1. Please stop calling those who are in the other group with: koffar, nawasib, rawafid, etc. Because they are not.. You don't know who Allah considers to be the best. Shut up and do your work in silence, please.

2. No Misyaar marriage is allowed in Islam. What the hell is that? Marriage has the meaning of settlement, and this type doesn't have it. Don't try to formulate Islam as what is going on inside your brains.

3. You should care a little bit (at least) about knowing who are "Ahl-albait". In school they hide many truths from you, You should search about them by yourself.

4.We All Love Abu Bakr, Omar, and Aisha, and follow their shining way.

5. Praying with having your hands tabbed doesn't mean that this is Only way to Paradise. It doesn't really matter. Just Care about the Prayer itself.

6. Now Stop it!!! Al-Hussein didn't go to Alkufa asking for the rule or things from this Donia, He is The grandson of the best Prophet ever, Our Prophet Muhammad. Stop Saying that.

7. All Muslims (even those who are in the other group) face Al-Kaaba from everywhere in this Whole Wide World, They also do Al-haj and Al-omraa. Don't listen to rumours.

And you, the other group, should listen up to this carefully.. Keep Quiet please!

1. There is no Imams or over-respectable on "Ahl-Al bait". Islam means One God (Allah), One Book (Quraan), and One Prophet (Muhammad).

2.No Muta'a marriage in Islam.

3. Being a true Muslim, who loves "Ahl-albait", doesn't mean ever to injure yourself, to cry after Al-Hussein. Islam doesn't come for those dos.

4. We ALL love Alhussein and ahl-albait, and follow their shining way.

5.Praying with your hands down (Isdaal) doesn't mean that you are the best in this Whole Wide World. It doesn't really matter. Just Care about the Prayer itself.

6. Being in the other group doesn't EVER mean that he/she loves Yazeed or Mo'awya. WE HATE YAZEED, we all hate him for what he did for Ahl-Albait.

7. Ashuraa celebration is something cheerful, cuz it is really makes me feel the strength of Islam.. But I suggest it is better for you to visit Almadina (Prophet's Grave) instead of paying to visit Karbalaa.

For You Both:
Please Please Please STOP discussing events that happened 14 centuries ago, It is really nonsense to us if Ali or Abu Bakr was the true Successor after the Prophet.. WAKE UP!!! This is 2007!

We had enough fighting over things from history and loosing Islam between those two groups.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Today, I've held the new pounds for the first time ever!
Well, I didn't feel something obscure or weird, our currency has been changing and changing and changing!
Through the last 20 years, the currency has changed several times.. And as I see it, nothing and NOTHING has changed here, the same miserable life!
Haven't we got bigger troubles than that? and what does the hell CPA want?
Can a view of an old Masjid make the previous currency unacceptable?
what does adding some so-called Peace Eagles to the currency? can those eagles save our future?
For God sake, Can anyone tell me, what he/She really felt inside when holding or handling this new currency?

The money will be gone, and "THIS HELL" will Never Ever be better!

!!!جاتكم داهية إنتو والبلد